Security Advantages of HID Proximity Cards For Offices

Your office is one of the major places that require adequate security. No matter the type of business you deal on, keeping your offices secure and preventing intruders from gaining access to sensitive places within your company is mostly required in today’s society. As luck would have it, HID proximity cards enable you to take control of your company facilities. In hospitals, corporate offices, or other facility that requires adequate security, proximity access control devices are highly recommended.

There are many reasons why businesses bank on HID proximity cards for security, and some of them are discussed below.

Unlike other cards, HID proximity cards do not require card swiping and doesn’t have any visible chip or magnetic stripe. The major thing about HID cards it that it contains RFID antenna and encoded identification data. Whenever the card is brought close to the RFID reader, the system reads the security information and validates it for access. Whether the RFID device will be able to read the code from a few feet away or some millimeters depends on the overall design.

Easy and smart authentication

Screening employees and visitors by manual method before entering a building is really a pain. This is one of the reasons why proximity card is highly recommended in such places. The RFID readers have the capacity to handle multiple signals and authenticate the codes within a short period. In this manner, manual screening is not required. What is needed is for the card holder to flash it near the reader and validate the codes. Once the security information is genuine, the system signals to the entrance door to open.

Detail records on surveillance and access history. This feature is really amazing, as the RFID reader captures the information on the card and save it for security purpose. As the system validate a card, the time and other important information is saved in the database for reference purpose. Intuitively, the system can generate folder and save the data based on time and date.

Highly efficient security cards

The RFID reader can transmit radio wave to any surface including metal. Because of this, the technology can be embedded on different types of material such as key fobs, and plastic clamshell cards. For convenience, printed IDs can be displayed on one side of the card so that workers can wear them around with lanyards.

And the greatest of them is the ability to change access settings at any time. For instance, if you want to upgrade the security, you can easily change the settings and add additional clearance for staffs. Since the security system can be programmed to work with certain readers, these also enhance the security of the company. In case a worker lost his or her card, the information can be deleted from the database to prevent unauthorized use.

These are just some of the security advantages of HID proximity cards for offices. There are other features that can also enhance the security of your business.